Tally Vouchers

Accounting Vouchers-

Voucher is a written instrument that serves to confirm or witness for some fact such as a transaction. It varies according to the firm because each firm prints the document at their own name.

Tally also maintains different types of vouchers for different types of transaction. Firstly we have to know about the importance of different document for different firms.

Contra Voucher- (F4)

Contra voucher is used for cash and bank entries and also fund transfer from one bank to another.

Payment Voucher-(F5)

Payment Voucher is used for expenditure and payment to parties by cheque or cash.

Receipt Voucher-(F6)

Receipt Voucher is used for income and received amount from the parties by cheque or cash.


Journal Voucher is used for adjustable and transferable entries.

Sales- (F8)

Sales voucher is used for sale entries and income.

Credit Note- (Ctrl+F8)

Credit Note is used for sales return entries.

Debit Note- (Ctrl+F9)

Debit Note is used for purchase return entries.

Reverse Journal-(F10)

Reverse Note is used for rectifying the wrong entries. (Non-Accounting Voucher)

Memorandum (Memo) – (Ctrl+F10)

Memo voucher is used for memorize the entry in tally. (Non-Accounting Voucher)

Inventory Vouchers-

The impact of inventory vouchers will be applicable on stock register.

Purchase Order Voucher-(Alt+F4)

It is used to keep record of purchase order given to party.

Sales Order Voucher- (Alt+ F5)

It is used to keep record of sales order received from customers.

Receipt Note- (Alt+F9)

It is user for recording of goods received.

Delivery Note-(Alt+F8)

It is used for recording of goods delivered to customers.

Rejection Out-(Alt+F6)

It is used for recoding of goods that are rejected and returned to a supplier.

Rejection In- (Ctrl+F6)

It is used for recording of goods that are rejected and returned back by customers.

Stock Journal Voucher- (Alt+F7)

It is used for record the stock transferred from one location to another.


Physical Stock-(Alt+F10)

It is used for recording of actual stock which is physically verified and counted.