We all know what happened to Titanic. In that scenario, better communication by the workmen could have prevented the #tragedy and the loss of more than 1,000 lives. Similarly, Communication plays just as important role in your corporate career as well. Here are some important tips on how you can communicate more effectively and efficiently with your clients at the work:

Beware of Interrupting:    Be careful about interrupting others, especially your customers. While they are explaining a problem, and you interrupt, they might be really upset. If you feel you have to interrupt, then at least cut to the chase and tell the other person what you think about what his main #idea was. In that way, it would at least let the other person correct or confirm. Also though in either case, it could save time.

  • Listen Actively:   You could strengthen your own understandings and make a better impression by involving with and reading to what the other person is saying, either “via a nod” or “I see”, etc. The people will also listen to you when you listen to them as after all, What you sow is what you get!
  • Avoid Negative Questions:    Try to switch from active to positive speech or rather more affirmative speech. Asking a negative question creates confusion. Suppose you say “You don’t have Excel installed?” It’s clear if you phrase the question affirmatively as “Do you have Excel installed?”
  • Be Sensitive to Differences in Technical Knowledge:  Possibilities being your customers have less technical knowledge than you do. So, remember to explain what the acronym means whenever you use it. Ask whether they understand what you’re saying, if necessary.

         Always be respectful of your client’s time and patience. Also, just make sure you are delivering value in your communication and ensure they are getting the point of your speech and content. 

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